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Welcome to our Movie Outfits Collection. We are an e-store where Hollywood heads find exclusive, show-stopping, and cliff-hanging collections of threads and apparel straight from the movies. Our arrivals are designed by James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, and many other proteges who consistently leave a lasting impact on your screens.

From Screens To Scenes

To put things in perspective, there’s no apparel you can think of that we don’t have. Take Mary Harron’s American Psycho (1998) — great direction, and what is even greater is their apparel game that we’re offering with a no-sleep discount for both new and pre-loved picks.

Cool Jackets has an exhaustive collection of really reel movie outfits and a Holly-wood-inspired collection that makes you put ‘ing’ in the season. If you see a trailer for the new Todd Phillips, you have to give us a ring.

All Original

As said earlier, we have Hollywood’s finest wardrobe, both new and pre-loved, that will give your fashion game a massive upgrade. And if you are serious, we will have your article autographed by the geniuses behind the movie. If your movie taste is vintage, we will make sure to slip in a movie poster.

For those who don’t know, Movie Outfits sells a range of Hollywood wearables, both innerwear and outerwear. We have screen-play famous T-shirts, jeans, leather jackets, masks, caps, hats, coats and costumes. Everything that ever happened in a movie frame, you’ll find it right here at Movies Outfits. And if you’re in a rush to see Challengers, do browse our Luca Guadagnino collection.

High Definition Details

Once you pick out an outfit, you leave the rest to us. We carefully choose a fabric for your apparel, and once it’s all good, we get down to the stitching. Our stitching department, which has worked hands-on on plenty of Hollywood projects like The Godfather and Forrest Gump, plans out precise director’s cuts on the fabric, making sure to get the perfect template size. Next comes the sewing part.

It’s a lengthy and careful process, a work of art like Pollock’s, but they’ve got it! They make sure to get all the nitty-gritty details done—it could be hemlines, tear-ups, or tassels—and they’ll tailor-make the best for you. At Movies Outfits, we don’t insist on what we do; we love what we do! Browse our La La La La Land arrivals with bang-for-buck discounts.

Hollywood Loves Us

We’re not just a holly-wood-inspired store; we are Hollywood. That’s right! We hand stitch original costumes, and do the wardrobe for all things movies. Although we do have a non-disclosure agreement on the portfolio in process, we will reveal the goodies as soon as the movie trailer drops. We’ve had one too many actors/actresses drop in for promotions, and that’s the love we bring to you. Turn up your thriller game with our new Abigail collection, and turn up the Richter scale in New York City.

In addition, we always have a discount on new and classic items, and our warranty policy is pretty cool. One more thing: When you return a product, we don’t ask for a receipt; we know it’s movie outfits, just like no one can outplay Keanu Reeves in The Matrix (1999).

Got Suggestions?

Movie Outfits loves suggestions and advice. Whether it’s about our line-up or quality work, we’re fascinated to hear where we can improve. If you’d like to hear more from us, sign up for our Newsletter; we will inform you of the latest and greatest clothing right away.

Let us cherish the memories of the past in the way we dress. Check out our new The Dark Knight collection, and cruise the streets like a true Gotham Knight!

Talk To US

At Movies Outfits, we don’t just sell; we create a lasting connection. From the management down to the reception, we’re all movie geeks who’ll have a candid conversation with you about anything Hollywood. And if you have queries about the product quality or anything that is eating you, ‘we’re there for you’—Few Good Men (1992).

Volumes, batches, stocks—come over and see what you are missing out on, only on Movies Outfits. You can talk to us online on Facebook, Instagram, and X.

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